Why KYK?

The king of invention’s innovative patented invention technologies

  • For 44 years, since 1980, KYK has dedicated itself to conducting water-science research based on a spirit of craftsmanship, and a humanitarian ideal to promote the health of people. The company has brought groundbreaking technologies into the world by focusing all of its efforts on water-scientific research, with a caring spirit and mind that resembles a hermit with miraculous powers, staying far away from alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, games, and gambling. KYK has developed countless innovative and unparalleled patented technologies that convert regular water, including tap water, ground water, and bottled water, into water that is safe, effective, and has medicinal benefits. In addition, KYK came to be known today as 'the king of invention,' by participating in and winning a whopping 16 gold medals in various international invention competitions held in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Hong King, and Japan’s Global Genius Competition, gaining recognition for its innovative technologies. Dr. Kim and KYK’s lifelong philosophy has been to contribute to “promoting the most righteous, noble, and great values” by developing creative patented invention technologies and improving people’s health, which ultimately is more important and valuable than anything else. KYK’s innovative invention technologies, introduced as a result of its dedicated efforts, have gained recognition on a global scale and elevated Korea’s national prestige.

Professional academic expertise and technology skills

  • It is uncommon for people to have both academic knowledge and technology skills. Unlike most others, KYK has achieved a perfect balance between professional academic expertise in the water-science field and technology. KYK’s expertise in natural medicine and water science all began from the questions of what causes adult diseases, various types of cancer, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes ─ and why it is so hard to cure them. In the past, or in the so-called “barley hump era,” many people died due to starvation-driven diseases, and because they could not get hospital treatment, even when they fell ill. However, it is ironic that the number of adult diseases continues to rise today even though everyone has access to hospital treatment with health insurance coverage, unlike in the past. KYK first entered the field of natural medicine full of questions and curiosity about this peculiar and ironic reality. The reason why Dr. Kim began studying natural medicine, instead of Western or Oriental medicine is because the latter could not provide an answer to the aforementioned problem and had limitations. He has studied Orthomolecular Medicine, written by Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice, and mastered natural medicine through world-renowned medical books including Sasang Constitutional Medicine, the basis of Oriental medicine, and Dongui Buhang Medicine.
  • Water, in itself, is life and the source of all life. It is water that plays a vital role in maintaining and improving life. The founder of KYK learned the principle and truth of life on his own, understanding that “water is a substance that is capable of creating both illnesses and good health.” The cleanest water around the entire globe is dew formed on a leaf on a summer morning in a place completely free from any type of air pollution. To utilize dew drops for health purposes, KYK used scientific technologies to produce dew water exactly the same as the dew droplets naturally formed in clean areas, and used the dew water together with family and club members. KYK grew bean sprouts, wondering how well they would grow and how delicious and nutritious they would be when grown with clean water; and in the process, learned on his own the principle of how dew water works and its true nature, when he discovered that iron goes rusty even in the purest water. (There are many interesting stories related to this happening).
  • After researching hundreds and hundreds of types of water including the 33 kinds of water in Dongeui Bogam, KYK finally discovered water with health restoration powers. KYK then invented technologies and products for people to use the water in a practical way, and accumulated extensive academic knowledge and technologies in the process. KYK participated in the national science technology competition hosted by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology in 2004, gave a presentation on water science research together with Professor Shirahata of Kyushu University, a well-known figure in Japan’s water science field, and KYK won the grand prize in recognition of its unique academic knowledge and expertise.
  • KYK won the Jang Young-shil Award for his paper on "Research on alkaline ionic water," published and presented at the College of Natural Sciences at Seoul National University in 2006, and was highly praised after presenting his research on water science as a steering committee member of the 2015 World Water Forum. Furthermore, KYK hosted the 2018 「International Water and Hydrogen Competition (participated by countries including Germany, the United States, Japan, China, and Korea)」 on World Water Day as the chairman of the Korea Water Partnership. KYK also won the grand prize for the hydrogen science sector at the Korea Knowledge Awards in 2019. Dr. Kim also appeared in various media, including KBS, SBS, MBC, Channel A, OBS, SBS Biz, CBS TV and many other TV channels, in recognition of his professional academic expertise and science technology skills; and many articles about his story have been published on a number of newspaper outlets such as Chosun Ilbo, Maeil Business Newspaper, and Joongang Ilbo. KYK has achieved a perfect balance of academic knowledge and technology, accumulated through 44 years of water-science research and efforts to share accurate information and knowledge with viewers through writings in "World of Water" columns.

Brand & Responsibility

  • KYK products, invented based on the technology of the winner of 16 gold medals at world invention competitions, received KFDA approval as a medical device that converts general water into safe water with medicinal benefits. The company’s products received the pharmaceutical GMP quality-management conformity certification of advanced countries, and the company has maintained certification by recertifying every three years.
  • KYK products developed with KYK’s one-stop system acquired various certifications and approval in terms of quality and safety both in Korea and on the global stage, including ISO 13485 (medical device certification), U.S. FDA (registered as medical devices in the USA), NRTL (safety certification in the USA), CE (safety certification in Europe), LOHAS (certification for health and eco-friendly products and services), HALAL (certification that the product doesn’t violate Islamic law), KAA (Korea’s safety mark certification for atopic diseases), EAC (Eurasian Conformity certification), FCC (USA.’s radio frequency certification), C-Tick (radio telecommunication labeling/ Telecommunication labeling in Australia), and KC (safety certification).
  • KYK products are unique and incomparable to others in terms of their features, performance, design, taste of water, effect, and quality ─ and their quality has been verified and proven by consumers in 58 different countries.

Brand & Responsibility

  • KYK applies a one-step system, through which the company uses patented invention technologies recognized globally, to directly handle and manage the entire process of product development, sales, exports, and maintenance. It is thus unfortunately difficulty for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop and supply technologies and products to large conglomerates to cease to exist when they can no longer supply them for various reasons However, KYK is a company instilled with competitiveness and sustainability, since it owns its own industrial property rights for Dr. Kim’s innovative patented invention technologies, together with its own manufacturing facility, and is operating sales and exports at home and abroad as its own brand.
  • Furthermore, since the founder of KYK never consumed alcohol or coffee, smoked, or played games, he was able to use the time and costs to focus on developing superior, unrivaled technologies and products. The company was the first in the world to develop and innovate patented invention technology, and produce something that instantly cools and heats water without a reservoir, which was a solution to the virus issues of water purifiers and reservoirs changing the property of water. Not only that, but KYK developed groundbreaking technology and a product that tackles the problem of water properties changing depending on the pH level of general water, including tap and ground water, which is used as the source when general water gets converted to water with medicinal benefits. The company also succeeded in introducing technologies and products to automatically store water outlets for the first time in the world, hence removing germs and bacteria from them.
  • Moreover, KYK provides a relatively favorable unit price compared to other outsourcing companies. It is a company with a competitive edge in the industry and has a perfect balance of professional academic expertise and technology. KYK’s swift and accurate one-stop services allow it to more nimbly respond to partners’ needs, and companies that partner with KYK are more likely to succeed from that sense.

First to receive IRB approval in the world & completed clinical testing at Seoul National University Hospital

  • The company has completed clinical testing after obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for the first time in the world. Pharmaceutical companies understand very well how difficult it is to acquire IRB approval. Moreover, conducting clinical testing at Seoul National University Hospital, the best in Korea, is truly an iconic event. In fact, KYK was the first to do so not only here, but also globally. It is also extremely difficult to get approval to conduct testing for not even medicine, but also for water, which is something so common. However, despite all odds, KYK managed to get IRB approval, and the interesting thing is that it was for "Irritable colon syndrome." which is known to be extremely sensitive and difficult to treat. Patients with irritable colon syndrome suffer from a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including diarrhea, stomachache, and viral gastroenteritis when they eat more than they normally do ─ or eat something they are not used to ─ since they are extremely sensitive in terms of what they eat or drink. Perhaps that is why; but it is said that drugs invented to treat the syndrome only work less than 10% of the time (according to the clinical team). The clinical trial (protocol) was conducted under methods and conditions that thoroughly excluded all placebo effects.
  • Researchers divided the patients into groups A and B without telling them in advance, and conducted a study with both fake and actual products. Patients participating in the test were selected through diagnostic procedures and medical check-ups in advance. The results of the test, conducted through regular check-ups and medical consultation, showed a stark difference. The efficacy of the clinical tests was astonishing, conducted with natural water developed through KYK’s science technologies, rather than through medicine, was as high as 85.7%, considering that the medicinal effect of the drugs to treat the symptoms was only 10%. The journal written on this specific clinical test was published in Hindawi. At the same time, KYK water’s medicinal effect and credibility were officially recognized around the world, as it gained IRB approval. Results of clinical trials show that although KYK water products consist of water, they are even superior to medicines ─ due to having no side-effects whatsoever, which is medical proof that they are healthier than any other types of water. KYK water products have gained credibility and public confidence during the process of objective validation and verification of their medicinal benefits and excellence.

Brand & Responsibility

  • KYK was named after the developer and founder, Dr. Kim. Why is that? This means that KYK, as a company, is confident in its business and that it will take responsibility for its actions.
  • KYK is recognized as a prominent brand in the alkaline regenerated water field, not only in Korea, but around the world. The brand has won 16 gold medals at international invention competitions, received the Presidential Order of Industrial Merit for Invention, obtained IRB approval, and completed clinical testing at Seoul National University Hospital. In addition, KYK is listed in the Hall of Fame, having received the “Consumers' Choice Award,” organized by JoongAng Daily, and selected through strict evaluation criteria, for 10 consecutive years. The company also won the “Global Leader Award,” organized by Maeil Business Newspaper for 10 years in a row. Then, what is KYK philosophy and how will it take responsibility for its actions? KYK’s right-minded convictions and philosophy toward responsibility are unlike any other. One of the company’s missions is to “honor the promises we make even when no one else does,” which shows KYK’s upright, honest business philosophy. KYK has upheld all of its promises and taken full responsibility for its actions based on its right-minded mission, beliefs, and business philosophy, and has publicly committed itself to continue doing business based on these principles.

Marketability and business feasibility

  • Everyone, regardless of age and ethnicity, desires good health and happiness. KYK has seen many people who said they wanted to die ever since he began researching water science from 1980, but he has not met anyone who said they wanted to get sick. In other words, while death is a choice, falling ill is not. This is proof that diseases are something no one wants to have. However, the reality is quite ironic, because while it is true that people’s lifespans have increased, the time they have to live with illnesses has also become longer. Healthy life expectancy has become an important concept from a long time ago, because living many years in a healthy state matters more than simply how long one’s life expectancy is. One of the biggest problems in the modern era is that the number of adult diseases is continuously on the rise, despite being non-communicable.
  • Water comprises over 70% of the human body, and no one can live without it. Water is vital for life and wellbeing, and when converted into water with medicinal benefits, it be can used as quality drinking water for consumers, and can promote health and prevent diseases. In particular, the product can replace water purifiers, which most people living in cities use nowadays. It is true that the water is indeed miraculous in that it is ideal for various purposes, including drinking, drinking with tea, and cooking, and it has medicinal benefits with proven safety and efficacy.
  • In addition, users can benefit from KYK’s business, since the company shares accurate and reliable information with consumers, showing that they can enjoy quality water at a relatively affordable price and become healthier. Many people report health as one of their top New Year’s resolutions every year. This shows just how much people want to be healthy, and that the outlook for KYK’s water business is extremely bright. The business, which is righteous, noble and great in nature, will and must continue as long as humanity still exists. It is a business with a bright future in that it can contribute to realization of health and happiness, and at the same time, achieve great profitability.