Core Value Vision

KYK’s Innovative
Technology and Life

  • KYK creates a healthy and happy life through groundbreaking natural science technologies.
  • We aim to realize the so-called KYK innovative technology life by using water, which accounts for 70% of the body mass, based on a scientifically and medically verified method, to promote health, the most integral value for people, and prevent illnesses.

Health and Happiness

  • The remarkable inventions and services created as a result of Dr. Kim’s technology skills and academic expertise contribute to promoting the health and happiness of customers.

World Class
Technology and Products

  • We develop and supply world-class technology and products based on our commitment and philosophy focused on promoting the health of humanity with our sound heart and mind, free from alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

Sustainable Management

  • Our aim is to pursue ESG sustainable management, where all life on Earth, including people and nature coexist and live in symbiosis, by protecting the environment and our mother Earth for today's society and our descendants.


Our vision is to establish a global company loved and respected by people around the entire world through academic research on natural healing based scientific technologies and natural medicine. We will create a future in which everyone, including consumers and KYK partners can live in happiness by helping the less-fortunate and supporting youths with unlimited potential.

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