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Do you want to have healthy skin?

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    2023-05-26 11:02:55

Do you want to have healthy skin?


"Is your skin normal?" 

If natural skin is 20%, it is said that aftercare is 80%.

If you want beautiful and healthy skin, take care of it with alkaline hydrogen water!


Type1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is sensitive to external stimuli, so skin nerves are easily stimulated, causing itching. 

The key to dry skin care is 'moisturizing'. Since the skin is very sensitive and sensitive, 

it is important to start lightly with a toner that does not smell as much as possible, 

then choose a pure moisturizer without any functional properties and apply it generously evenly.



If you are using an alkaline water ionizer, you must drink a glass of warm water before 

and after washing your face. When washing your face acidic water. 

For dry skin, it is good to use both acidic and alkaline water on the skin

 but use acidic water when washing your face. 

If you usually use a mist because your skin is dry, 

put 4 levels of alkaline water in a mist bottle (rich in hydrogen) and spray it on your dry face

It's good to give.

The solution to dry skin is to increase the amount of

 ‘alkaline hydrogen water you drink’ rather than the water of ‘sprinkled’ alkaline water.

No matter how good cosmetics and skin care you receive, 

you need to drink a lot of water to solve dry skin. 

The solution to dry skin is to drink a lot of alkaline hydrogen water. 

The more you drink alkaline water level 2, the more your health and skin elasticity will be guaranteed.

Type2. Oily skin


The skin is thick, rough, and has large pores. Washing your face with a lot of sebum secretion

It's important to keep it clean. This type is especially prone to acne and troubles, 

so deep cleansing more often than normal skin is helpful to prevent clogging of pores.

For face wash, use 3-4 levels of acidic water. Any help would be appreciated.

After washing your face, you should apply a moisturizer through a low-oil moisture cream.



If you are using an alkaline ionizer, please use “heated acidic water” for deep cleansing of oily skin.

If you warm acidic water to about 40 degrees and moisten it enough, the pores open well.

After you have finished washing your face, rinse thoroughly with acidic water once more.

Type3.Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is the type that causes an allergic reaction to even the slightest irritation.



Sensitive skin requires good care of both the skin and my body. 

When you choose a product with good ingredients and wash your face, you can unconditionally use acidic water.

You can use acidic water to wash your face from start to finish. 

Then, put 4 levels of alkaline water and hydrogen water in the mist bottle and spray it from time to time.


​If your face is hot or felt to fever, you should sufficiently moisten your skin with

 4-step alkaline hydrogen water! And be sure to apply a moisturizer.


A Korean broadcasting SBS program aired a short documentary 

about a case of improvement by using KYK products for psoriasis skin.

A young man who could not socialize due to psoriasis for decades drank a lot of KYK water 

and used acidic water for his skin. 

In addition, I focused on natural treatment by combining diet and walking, and the results were very good and became a hot topic.


Blood circulation in my body affects the health of my skin.


Depending on the amount of water you drink, lack of moisture will show up on your skin.

 the reason acidic water is used  the pH of the skin is acidic.

The reason why you should drink alkaline hydrogen water is to eliminate active oxygen in the body to expel waste quickly 

and help circulation. Good circulation in the body is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

If you want your skin to be beautiful and healthy, 

change the water first rather than using expensive cosmetics.

KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Water Generator is a company 

specializing in water research for 44 years 

with reliable certifications such as KFDA, FDA, ISO13485, CE, etc.

It is a product of special science and technology that not only creates alkaline pH step by step,

but also has high hydrogen content, long hydrogen retention period in water, and higher mineral level than raw water.


"The habit I caught is a great comfort to my body"

I hope your habits start with a glass of water and have a healthy everyday.


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