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[Article] Vitamin D

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    2023-03-31 09:36:43

[Article] Vitamin D

Korean fashion is very diverse.

K-POP. BEAUTY. Luxury…

 Once popular, they are a great nation that chooses 

and achieves their goals regardless of their salary or bank account balance.

Among them, “vitamin D injection”, which has been heavily marketed in hospitals recently.

"Vitamin D Supplements"

Why is Vitamin D famous?

Elderly and young adults,

women and men, and even growing children play an important role.

During a health checkup, 

you pay an additional amount and make sure to check your vitamin D level.

Our staff asked me whether to take 5000 IU or 2000 IU,

so how much does it cost to get an injection?

Unlike usual, on the way back from lunch, 

he went to a hospital that kindly did a health checkup and took a vitamin D test.

At the hospital entrance

Announced in 2022, lack of vitamin D levels in Korean adults is coming out. 

Hospitals recommend injections and medicines even before the blood test results come out.

A week has passed.

After receiving a text from the hospital asking me to come see the results, I stopped by the hospital again during lunchtime.

The doctor doesn't speak.

I was curious.

Why is that?

After a while, they say that the vitamin D level is above the normal level.

 And it's the first time since the hospital opened.

In Korea, the vitamin D level deficiency rate is 93%, especially in men.

Who is it?