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The reason why I created my name as a brand

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    2023-05-18 12:22:55

The reason why I created my name as a brand 



"Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Cartier"



 I have listed the naming of famous and luxury brands.


What do the brands listed above "have in common"?


It is "it advocated "the name of the founder" as a brand.




Then why did you brand it with the name of the founder?


“Because it expresses the identity and

pride of the company better than anything else,” he said.



In the case of Chanel, a global fashion brand


When other companies named their perfumes

“Spring Desire” and “Evening Intoxication”,


It is said that Chanel did not follow the conventional method.


With the confidence that “I will be famous,

” I named the perfume “Chanel.”




Since then, the logo has also used two simple and pure colors,

 black and white.


With the spirit of liberating women with cumbersome

and uncomfortable clothes,


So far, it has earned trust and reputation with customers.


In other words, branding the founder’s name as it is




corporate identity,


leads to customer trust



You can see that it can be sustainable through generations.


You can deliver at the supermarket.


You can just boil it


They keep searching Naver to change it to good water.




If you do a Google search


If you get lost in the flood of information

 and call here and there to know what to buy,


I'm starting to get confused about


what's really good.




When looking for alkaline ionized water

and hydrogen water products


Choose a ‘Great brand’.






A great brand contains corporate values,

spirit and confidence.




To drink a cup of coffee


Like visiting a brand cafe,


To buy a luxury bag when you get married


Just like standing in line and insisting on luxury brands,



A good choice of water,


Find “Great brand”



The same reason why global companies such as

Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and HP use the founder's name.




I bet the name of the founder. "Kim Young Kwi"



With a sensitive taste

and a noble spirit through 44 years of water research



It was developed with only the health benefits.


Each and every customer who drinks this water



We produce and supply products with passion

to make safe and high-quality alkaline water drinkable.




Kim Young-gwi,

who is more recognized overseas,


“KYK WATER” is a brand recognized in the industry.



KYK is the only safe and professional company

 in the water industry

in Korea that has been awarded the Presidential Steel Tower Order

of Industrial Service Merit,

KYK has clinical data from Seoul National University,

 and has numerous certifications such as

 KFDA, FDA, ISO13485, CE...etc.


I hope you meet a great partner and find

success and happiness

through great business.



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