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    2023-05-19 17:26:11


High-level design and high-quality kitchen 

KYK Kim Young-Kwi Returns, Introduces ‘Smart Faucet’


KYK announced that it introduced a Smart faucet (model name: KUF) last year.

Smart Faucet is a product designed by CEO Kim Young Kwi

traveling around the world.

A form in which all things harmonize with nature

It was developed inspired by research.

Smart faucet is a step-by-step ph of 9 types

It is possible to choose and eat according to its function and performance.

Designed for consumer convenience,

The buttons are easy to see and adjust.

KYK Kim Young-su, a member of the official

“To provide customers with high-quality services and products.

After years of failure to repay

Not only are the released products receiving great satisfaction from customers,

Overseas orders continued

It will become the best product in the future

I am looking forward to it,” he said.

Customers who actually use the smart faucet

  “I wanted to buy a small product because the kitchen is small,

A Smart faucet was perfect.

The square design adds to the neatness of the kitchen.

The material and plating are luxurious, so I am satisfied.”

Business Korea Reporter Kim Eun-jin (


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