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Hydrogen Water Generator

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    2023-05-22 18:39:25

KYK Hydrogen Generator

The new material ​of the 21st century's dream is "hydrogen".

Hydrogen (H2, H+) is element Number 1 and is the smallest atom.

It is the most substance.

​The reason why hydrogen is attracting attention is that it is safe, clean and non-polluting.

Hydrogen is invisible and intangible, but "hydrogen water" that is rich in hydrogen.


                                           --Tokyo, Japan Dr. Ohta Shigeo and Dr.Kim-- 


Nature Medicine, which has a worldwide reputation as a medical journal, 

published a paper titled "Hydrogen effectively removes active oxygen" 

in the thesis of Professor Shigeo Ohta's research team

at the Graduate School of Nippon Medical University, and currently about 400 research results 

have been published. 

This is the strong advantage of "hydrogen" as proven.


KYK developed a "hydrogen water generator" 

that can make and drink hydrogen water immediately by supplementing all the inconveniences so far, 

and has been installed in many customers' houses and is still installed.


Last week, a customer called KYK "hydrogen water at the hospital recommed".



Why is hydrogen-rich water important to my body?

1) Diffusion is fast because the molecular weight is very small compared to general antioxidants.

2) Hydrogen atoms have a small molecular weight and are highly permeable, so they pass through both water-soluble and fat-soluble substances.

3) It is a clean and safe material that does not produce additional substances.

4) Hydrogen is a safe food additive material registered in the Food Additive Code of the KFDA.


Among the great advantages of KYK Hydrogen Water Generator, 

it is the "water specialist company" that has been the first to announce 'rich hydrogen content' and the most publicized.

The hydrogen content of KYK hydrogen water generator is up to 1575ppb

It is made with an innovative technology that sometimes has a hydrogen content of 1600 ppb or more.


What is the difference between the hydrogen water generator better than other company?

Another company's hydrogen water machine was very inconvenient.

In Korea, a customer who inquired at KYK said that he had purchased a hydrogen water machine from another company

but it was very inconvenient to drink hydrogen water after pouring water for a while.

 If I had known about the KYK hydrogen generator, I would have installed it a long time ago

I paid twice to buy it, but he said that this hydrogen water is my life.


How to make other company hydrogen water

1) Made with magnesium

2) Put water in a water tank and inject hydrogen gas

etc., which was very inefficient and caused great inconvenience to consumers.


​KYK Hydrogen Generator

1) There is no water tank. Hydrogen water is created immediately.

2) No deodorization device is required. This is because it has an automatic cleaning function.

3) It is not made with magnesium or hydrogen gas. 

This is because it is made with the special oil diaphragm electrolyzer system technology, 

which is an integration of advanced technology.

4) It does not smell of ozone.


​There are many more features, but many customers and buyers who have used it for many years have already proved it.

Water from a mineral spring known for its good taste, spring water from Lourdes in France, 

which is called miracle water, and water from Longevity Village, which is famous as a longevity village in Japan.

Did you know that all of them were water rich in "hydrogen"?


The key to good, delicious, and healthy water is the content of "hydrogen".


The philosopher Lao Tzu's [Tao Te Ching] means 'the highest good is like water'.

It means there is a lot to learn about water.

as humble as water

as flexible as water

Benefit all things like water


In this way, we have been studying 'water', which gives life lessons, for 44 years. 

KYK Hydrogen Water generator, which instantly produces water with high hydrogen content, 

has miraculous effects in enhancing consumer convenience, 

removing active oxygen in the body, and increasing antioxidants.


KYK Hydrogen Generator recognized by buyers who have received samples.

Take a look at what makes us different from other companies.

We are currently designing an updated website for hydrogen water generator information.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.


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